Journal nº2 – Jun/2000


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– Editorial A.Cardoso
– (Preconceitos – Ideas preconcebidas – Prejudices)
– Readers’ mail- Correio dos leitores – Correo de los lectores
– Transradio Sinesio Darnell
– TCI e mediunidade Cristina Rocha
– Chapter 2: The psychotemporal model Dr Carlo Trajna
– Who is Who: Dr Carlo Trajna
– Contactos Luis de la Fuente
– First contact in France by Konstantin Raudive Pierre Théry
– Primeiro contacto de Konstantin Raudive em França (extracto)
– Otro punto de vista de las investigaciones en TCI Pedro Amorós
– Another point of view in the research in ITC (extract)
– Os anjos na experiência humana Paola Giovetti
– Los ángeles en la experiencia humana (extracto)
– ITC. An acceptable proof for afterlife? Dr Adrian Klein- Current ITC Situation In Japan Siyoh Tomiyama

Dep. Legal: VG-435-2003
ISSN: 1696-4586 ITC (Vigo)

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