Journal nº1 – Mar/2000


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Editorial A.Cardoso
– A Abertura do Caminho
– The Opening of the Road
– La Apertura del Camino
– Some Toughts on the First Issue Professor David Fontana (SPR)
– Who is Who?: Professor David Fontana
-Toward 2000 (Open letter to each one of this Journal’s readers) Adrian Klein
– Pioneiros da TCI – Até Breve George Meek Cristina Rocha
– Primer Contacto Carlos Fernández
– The Psychotemporal Model Dr Carlo Trajna
– Como Começar A.Cardoso
– Dualismo e TCI Carlos Eduardo Noronha Luz
– Transradio Sinesio Darnell
– Transradio (extract)
– Ethics of ITC Ralf Determeyer
– Ética da TCI (extracto)
– Como Comenzar A.Cardoso
– Les apports spirituelles de la Transcommunication Instrumentale Jacques Blanc-Garin
– Los aportes espirituales de la Transcomunicación Instrumental (extracto)
– Italian Research in ITC Paolo Presi
– ITC and Science Nils.O.Jacobson
– Meetings of INIT-US experimental Group Mark Macy


Dep. Legal: VG-435-2003
ISSN: 1696-4586 ITC (Vigo)

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