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    A Two-Year Investigation of the AllegedlyAnomalous Electronic Voices or EVP Anabela CardosoABSTRACTA relatively novel acoustic phenomenon has inundated the Internet and specialized literature. Several Associations, some ofthem with an important number of members, have formed around it in many countries. In the Anglo-Saxon world thephenomenon is called EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) and is usually assumed … Read more
    It is a real pleasure and an honour to publish in our website one of Professor Ernst Senkowski’s last written documents on the fascinating issue of EVP/ITC. As our readers well know, Professor Senkowski, together with Dr. Eng. Carlo Trajna, was the scientist who most thoroughly researched our field of interest and study, ITC.  A … Read more
  • Some Thoughts on the First Issue
    “Some Thoughts on the First Issue” David Fontana I am delighted to learn that Anabela Cardoso is undertaking the difficult and demanding task of establishing an ITC journal, independent of any publications or groups already operating in the field. ITC (or EVP – Electronic Voice Phenomena – as it was called before results were obtained … Read more
  • Brief remarks on ITC: EVP experimentation plus Modifying a radio to receive broad band and function as a noise source
    Brief remarks on ITC: EVP experimentation Anabela Cardoso   I believe it might be useful for those readers who wish to try for themselves the wonderful adventure of communication with the next world to be given some details of my personal experience in the field. Nevertheless, I don’t believe that ITC can be directed by … Read more
  • Apparition, a deceased person appears
  • ITC and Science
    Nils O. Jacobson I came into contact with the electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) in 1969. I have experimented quite a lot over the years, receiving many voices that I consider clearly paranormal, but the content of the messages has been meagre – usually one to three words, sometimes relevant to my questions, but often with … Read more
  • The Radioelectric Frequencies of Rio do Tempo
    (Full Report: “The present report was published in issues 41, pp. 77-88 and 42, pp. 29-43 of the ITC Journal “ ) Conclusions This report arises from my personal interest in Dr. Anabela Cardoso’s case, as due to my ignorance of the subject I had the rather naive idea that everything could be either a … Read more
  • How to get started
    Anabela Cardoso Choose a quiet corner of your house where you are not likely to be disturbed. Decide upon the most convenient time for you, preferably at the end of the day, around 8.00 or 9.00 pm. Relax and be calm. Make a regular schedule for the contacts, ideally two or three times a week. … Read more
  • The Opening of The Road
    Anabela Cardoso The main goal of the ITC Journal- Voices, Images and Texts of Another World is to contribute for the “opening of the road”, to help, in its own way, the dream of a transcommunicator from another world become true. Carlos de Almeida, speaking from Timestream Station said “We speak to the world, everywhere, … Read more
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    Important Information! Profits from the sales on line This virtual shop is non-profit making. Any benefits from the sales made in the Purchases and Subscriptions section will be used to support ITC research. Namely, the sale or subscription to the ITC Journal (paper or electronic version), the sale of the Proceedings of the International ITC … Read more