Journal nº54-55 Dec/2017


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To Friedel 7
Letter to subscribers 8
Some trivial remarks by Sir Oliver Lodge’s deceased son,
Raymond, corroborated by ITC communications
Anabela Cardoso
A theory of yet another reason for multiple interpretation of EVP,
Could transdimensional telepathy influence the evaluation of EVP?
 Edgar Müller 25
Cerchio Firenze 77 32
Cerchio Firenze 77 The dematerialization of the medium
Enrico Ruggini  38
Studies on “Life-Energy” by means of a Quantitative Dowsing Method
Roger Taylor  45
II. Studies with Ormus
III. Remote transmission of life energy by means of macroscopic
quantum entanglement
IV. Remote imprinting of frequency information onto ormus atoms
during their passage into magnesium phosphate. Possible
application for distant healing
V. A suggestion for the nature of Reich’s DOR, and a method to
generate it.
ITC New 90
Anabela’s Book
The Helene Reeder Memorial Fund for Research into Life after
Death, HRF. Announcement for grant 2017
In memoriam of Adolf Homes
Dr. Vladimir Delavre 97
Tribute to Dr Nils-Olof Jacobson
Edgar Müller 103
Jean Prieur’s abridged biography 105
Homage to Jean Prieur
Father François Brune 107
Jean Prieur’s Works 108
Monique Laage Blanc-Garin 110
Reader’s Mail 111
The pre-death experience: a recent investigation (Part II)
Massimo Valentini 117
The Greetings Project (Part 2)
Dr. Sean Richards – EVP London  135
Chapter 9: Spirit Energies  145
Chapter 10: Guidelines for further research  161
Brief Reflections on Survival of Physical Death, Human
Preconceptions and the Natural Law
Anabela Cardoso  165

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ISSN: 1696-4586 ITC (Vigo

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