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ITC Journal Investigation of Instrumental Transcommunication Phenomena.

Journal nº9 – Mar/2002

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    Briefs remarks on the role of the recipient in ITC
    Breves observaçoes sobre o papel do recipiente em TCI
    Breves observaciones sobre el papel del receptor en TCI
    Anabela Cardoso

    As crises internacionais periódicas
    Hernani Guimaraes Andrade

    Sinesio Darnell

    David Fontana in dialogue with Anabela Cardoso Part III

    Campo de Contato
    Carlos Eduardo Noronha Luz

    The phenomenal history and future of ITC research
    Mark Macy

    Mudanças, incertezas, desafios, para onde caminha a Humanidade
    Cristina T. da C. Rocha

    Una noche de investigación
    Pedro Amorós

    Some personal Phsychic Experiences
    Siyoh Tomiyama

    ITC news:
    – Award of swiss prize to Paolo Presi
    – Possible ITCP/IONS cooperation
    – Repensar o Ser no fim de milénio Anabela Cardoso


    Dep. Legal: VG-435-2003
    ISSN: 1696-4586 ITC (Vigo)

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