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Books and other ITC works by Anabela Cardoso

In this short video Anabela requests the subscribers and viewers of her YouTube channel to consult the books and the 55 issues of the ITC Journal in which she has ...published extensively about ITC methods and advised on how to perform the experiments.
She explains that it will be easier and more fruitful for the ITC operators interested in her work to read the many works she has published on the matter and ponder her advice about the experiments than writing messages through the YouTube Channel, which are difficult for her to reach and reply adequately.
She finishes by recommending all those interested in attempting the contact with another dimension of life through ITC, to always deal with the experiments with seriousness, persistence and respect.
Her many ITC works include:
Electronic Voices: Contact with AnotherDimension? (Hants, UK:
John Hunt Publishing Ltd., O-Books).
Samples of the voices mentioned in the book at:

Electronic Contact with the Dead, What Do the Voices Tell Us? (Hove,

UK: White Crow Books.com).

Glimpses of Another World, Impressions andReflections of an EVP
Operator (Hove, UK: White Crow Books.com).

A Two-Year Investigation of the Allegedly Anomalous Electronic Voices or EVP.Neuroquantology, September 2012, Vol. 10, issue 3.
Lectures inProceedings of the First and Second International Conferences on Survival with Special Reference to ITC (2004, 2006).
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