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Note: all communications in italics were received and recorded directly by me with the exact words used by the communicators in inverted commas. In brief the messages, which I consider the most important from the point of view of the crucially needed expansion of human consciousness, were received mainly from the Portuguese Group at Rio do Tempo Station, and they tell us that: – Survival is the Natural Law. ‘All beings – animals, plants, humans (perhaps even minerals although I have not put this question to the communicators) survive physical death’.

– Survival does not depend on the moral conditions or the ethical or religious values of those concerned – it is simply an inevitable fact of life.

‘Our world [theirs] is very similar to your world [ours] but much more beautiful’.

– In the next world ‘All beings are equal’ – it appears that animals and plants also collaborate in [their] ITC projects.

– ‘There are many other physical worlds’ in addition to our own.

There are many trans-physical worlds, depending upon the spiritual development level of the beings that live in them(though of course it is important to recognise that the communicators may mean by ‘spiritual development’ something very different from our own interpretation of the term).

– The ‘Group Soul’ is a reality in the world of Rio do Tempo. In a DRV communication, said Carlos de Almeida, among other statements: “…Ele não vem e ao meu grupo desço, vou à alma!” (Translation: He does not come and I go down to my group, I go to the soul!). An extract of this communication is published in the website.

– The entities in the world of Rio do Tempo have extraordinary capacities, like ‘being in two places at the same time in full consciousness; these capacities are a natural condition in our world [theirs]’.

The entities in the world of Rio do Tempo ‘travel with thought’.

– The bodies of the entities in the world of Rio do Tempo ‘are also material bodies’ made of a much finer matter, of a kind of electricity (according to their description conveyed mentally to me).

– The bodies of entities in the world of Rio do Tempo are ‘much more beautiful and flexible’ [than they were when on Earth].

The entities in Rio do Tempo world ‘know the thoughts and actions of those working [with them] on Earth’.

– ‘The disposition of the experimenter on Earth influences the work of the communicators’, though ‘mediumship is not necessary for ITC contacts’.

– ‘Suffering is very important for spiritual development. All beings on Earth feel suffering’.

Reincarnation is a sporadic event, and it happens ‘only when there is no other way’.

When inquired on what the communications depended, they replied “They depend on Tempo [Rio do Tempo]”. And when I asked how, from my side, I could help more efficiently with their endeavour to communicate, they responded: “You can make contact this way”. On this occasion, I was experimenting for EVP using the radio ‘white noise’ as a background acoustic support.

The communicators often affirm ‘We are in space’ (this compares interestingly with communications received by F. Jürgenson and has been said to me on several occasions, especially when they started speaking); Also, ‘you are inside time, we are outside time’; ‘we live on an apex of space’; ‘it is your grand-mother speaking from space’; ‘we have another space’ etc. Listen to ‘Somos doutra dimensão, somos p’ra lá do tempo’.

– (Translation: We are from another dimension, we are from beyond time) at the end of a beautiful choir.

– One of the most important issues in ITC research is to find out about the formation and transmission of the voices. When I asked my communicators how they could hear my voice spoken within the studio at my house, a most interesting reply came through. Literal reply: É ritmo; nós sabemos quando o seguimos. (Translation: It is rhythm; we know when we follow it). Listen to this audio file in the website.

Anabela Cardoso

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