Anabela Cardoso

The main goal of the ITC Journal- Voices, Images and Texts of Another World is to contribute for the “opening of the road”, to help, in its own way, the dream of a transcommunicator from another world become true. Carlos de Almeida, speaking from Timestream Station said “We speak to the world, everywhere, the opening of the road!”. Timestream Station is in the next dimension of life, apparently in the third existential level, and it develops ITC contacts with the Earth and other physical worlds.

This publication is independent from all groups, religions or movements.

It will inform the reader on the new field of Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC) with seriousness and objectivity. It will endeavour to give advice to those who wish to try for themselves this extraordinary dialogue between two worlds, made possible by means of ITC.

Its goal is also to help open the minds; to bring to the hearts a concept of love without restrictions; and to expand consciousness and knowledge. Timestream messages thoroughly contradict our established set of values. They tell us that their values are completely different from ours. Their “world is of the soul, it ‘bets’ on another side [it has different values] “, said Carlos de Almeida to me through the DRV (Direct Radio Voice) method. We need to be prepared to receive these new values, even if we cannot accept them straight away. We should recognize that we do not know many things, we just “try to know more”, as the invisible communicators replied to me when I asked about the goals of animals in their world. “They also try to know more”, they said. To be humble and open minded will certainly help in this endeavour.

We should also learn to respect all life. “In the Spirit are all the beings of the world” and “Here in Rio do Tempo (Timestream) all beings are equal” said Timestream about the different life forms of planet Earth now living in their world.

“Don’t forget that plants are beings of your world, from that world all come to this world”, replied somebody from Timestream Station, probably Carlos de Almeida, when I asked about the survival of plants.

Ernesto Bozzano, an eminent 19th century investigator of psychical matters, stated that the brain refuses the patterns that do not adjust to the individual’s deeply rooted convictions. This is probably the reason why it is such a difficult task to convey Timestream’s message.

At Timestream Station in another world, everybody works relentlessly to share with us in an audible, physical way this simple and clear message – Life never ends and we can communicate with those who left before us. Life takes the most suitable shapes in the most suitable worlds for the ultimate purpose, i.e. the spiritual growth that is common to all beings.

“Suffering is very important for spiritual growth”, they also said when I spoke about this issue, and continued “it has all the meaning”.

The transition from this to the next and certainly to other and other worlds belongs to the Natural Law which will work independently of believing in it or not.

I found a most interesting compatibility of the contents of some of the messages I received through ITC with Frederic Myers’ description of life after death through the automatic writing of Geraldine Cummins in “The Road to Immortality”, which I only read after I had received the messages which are similar to Myers’. The concept of the Group-Soul, for instance, is clearly and loudly expressed by Carlos de Almeida in one of his communications to me.

They wish to tell us that they exist and that life on Earth should not be what we make of it. When I asked what the most important condition for spiritual growth was, Timestream answered: “It is time and it is space”. Life on Earth, inside time and space, should be a means, not an end. The people of Timestream also tell us that “there are no conditions” attached to ITC contacts. “The contact is important “, they said when I asked what the most important condition for the establishment of ITC contacts was.

The communicators also affirm that mediumship is not necessary, that the “contacts depend on them [Timestream]”. This is a very interesting statement that contradicts the widely accepted theory about mediumship playing a role in the process. Timestream is adamant about it. And while they explicitly declare that “there is no psychic process” involved, they also say that “everything counts for the project” and that the personality and the characteristics of the experimenter on Earth do influence ITC contacts. But both statements are compatible.

I would very much like to leave here my own example as a testimony. A very “normal person”, as Timestream communicators also defined me, I never dared think that things such as these amazing contacts might happen to me.

When a few years ago, deeply stricken by grief I, tried to understand why and what had happened to those I loved and missed so deeply, it never crossed my mind that one day I would be the recipient of messages very similar to the ones I read about in books that I found amazing – e. g., “The voices of the living of yesterday” by Gabriella Alvisi, “Transcommunication – Contacts with the Beyond by Technical Means” by Theo Locher and Maggy Harsch, or “Bridge between the Here and the Beyond” by Hildegard Schäfer.

Timestream messages started to happen two years ago, two and a half months after I started trying for the contacts. First slowly, some low EVP voices, then louder and longer. Two months later I heard the first direct radio voice (DRV). It was Carlos de Almeida.

The only thing I did was to endeavour for the contact without giving up. The only thing I do now, besides continuing to experiment for the contact, is to work solidly on the messages, listening and listening to them, filing them, writing records, etc.

I do hope that one day all of us together will be able to initiate “The opening of the road” under the guidance and love of Timestream. They tell us about their reality, their world, their values, with joy and tranquillity. When I once asked the communicators what the most important value of their world was, the answer came in English “THE TRUTH”.

They do not impose anything. They just “speak to the world, everywhere”. It is our choice to listen.

Carlos de Almeida said one day “It is for those humble people, it is to call upon love, panacea of the world, it would be beautiful, won’t it?” “Yes, my friend, it would”, I would like to say to him.

I wish to thank all those who, in their own way, have helped in the venture of starting the ITC Journal. All the readers and subscribers, and all the writers, for their invaluable cooperation. Among them, David Fontana for his support and understanding. To him I confided doubts and perplexities; his words were wise and enlightening. Adrian Klein, a wonderful friend, for his dedication without limits to ITC and all it means to all of us. He wants ITC to grow roots in the world, he wishes to create and assemble a world platform where all will feel welcome and share. We wish him well. Sinesio Darnell for his invaluable cooperation and help, untiring in his efforts for the sake of the research, he himself grateful to our friends of another world who generously wish to establish closer links for our sake. And naturally Carlos Fernández, who saw the contacts happen and grow from the first day. His discretion and constancy were always there, quietly and friendly.

Let’s hope that many more will try for themselves this extraordinary dialogue. Let’s hope that one day, all together, we will finally be able to achieve “THE OPENING OF THE ROAD”!

*Published in ITC Journal nº 1.