Listen to messages

Listen to messages

The voices herewith presented (EVP and DRV) are extracts of the CD with samples of anomalous electronic voices that illustrates the book “Electronic Voices: Contact with another Dimension?”. The original wave format was changed into MP3 for easier use in the website.

The EVP is presented in one track only containing the translation, the repetition and the original audio of the anomalous voices repeated twice.


“MORTOS, É A VOZ DO AMOR ” (translation: The dead, it’s the voice of love!)

::SUB Título ::

Falamos da Estação Rio do Tempo, vais ficar bem contenta, aposto!

:: Original AUDIO ::
The communicators have identified the Station on several occasions. On this evening the voice stated:

Falamos da Estação Rio do Tempo, vais ficar bem contenta, aposto! (Translation: We speak from Rio do Tempo Station, you will be very happy, I bet!”) This was the first identification of the Station. I had begged the communicators to identify themselves a few days before.

And a few days later: Torre, Torre é o Rio do Tempo! Uttered four times in a row (two of those are hereby published. (Translation: Tower, tower, this is Rio do Tempo!)

AUDIO ORIGINAL “Falamos da Estação Rio do Tempo, vais ficar bem contenta, aposto! ” 

“Humanos precisam saber da luz” (DRV)

:: AUDIO with translation ::
:: Original AUDIO ::
This fragment was recorded at the beginning of a DRV communication. The voices started speaking and one of the voices said “Um bonjour” (Portuguese and French, “A good-morning”). I (AC) called “Amigos!” (“Friends”) and one of the voices confirmed “Somos nós!” (“It is us!”). I asked “Quem fala?” (“Who is speaking?”), and a voice replied: “Oh, nós falamos do outro nível, os humanos precisam de saber da luz” (“Oh, we speak from the other level, humans need to know about the Light”).

This example was recorded in Lyon at the beginning of my stay in that city. This could account for the use of “Bonjour”.


AUDIO “Um bonjour” “Somos nós” “Oh, nós falamos do outro nível, os humanos precisam de saber da luz”.

“Sou o tio Miguel Cardoso, morto!” (DRV)

:: Original AUDIO ::
Unexpectedly, this voice interrupted a DRV contact of different content with Rio do Tempo Station and shouted: “Sou o tio Miguel Cardoso, morto!” (I am uncle Miguel Cardoso, dead!). Original audio.

AUDIO ORIGINAL “Sou o tio Miguel Cardoso, morto!” (DRV)

“Vá Nisha”, “Ich war medioker”, “Nisha” (EVP)

:: Original AUDIO ::
This is a digitized copy of the original tape recording without any sound processing. Anabela Cardoso (AC) loudly translates and reproduces the voices’ utterances before the anomalous voices are played twice.

Recorded in the course of a long Direct Radio Voices contact, this EVP contains different voices. Firstly, a voice says softly “Vá Nisha!” (Come on Nisha!); then a different voice, as if of an old lady sniffling, says in German “I was mediocre”; this is followed by another soft voice saying “Nisha”. Nisha was one of AC’s beloved, deceased Doberman dogs. It seems as if somebody was encouraging Nisha to speak, as indeed happened, some time later. AC did not speak because she was waiting for the DRV to resume.


AUDIO ORIGINAL “Vá Nisha”, “Ich war medioker”, “Nisha”.

“Vou à Alma” (DRV)

:: AUDIO Original ::
The voice resembles the voice used by my main communicator Carlos de Almeida on many occasions. This is a segment of a longer communication. He says: “….(unintelligible)… Ele não vem e ao meu grupo desço, Vou à Alma! É o edifício do Tempo, é o hemiciclo do Tempo” (He does not come and I go down to my group, I go to the soul! It is the edifice of Tempo, it is the hemicycle of Tempo”. My voice can be heard in the last section of the audio mixed with the communicator’s voice. (See CD).The concept of the Group-Soul is well illustrated in this recording. Notice the impressive loudness of the masculine voice (original).

“É Ritmo, nós sabemos quando o seguimos” (DRV)

:: Original AUDIO ::
I used to get extremely puzzled by the fact that the communicators could hear and reply directly to what I said in my studio at home. Thus, one day I asked if they had some special sound process that allowed them to hear what I said at home. Carlos de Almeida’s voice replied “É ritmo, nós sabemos quando o seguimos” (It is rhythm, we know when we follow it). And I thought, without certainty, that he must have been speaking of brain rhythm.  (See CD).

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