Anabela Cardoso

Choose a quiet corner of your house where you are not likely to be disturbed.

Decide upon the most convenient time for you, preferably at the end of the day, around 8.00 or 9.00 pm. Relax and be calm.

Make a regular schedule for the contacts, ideally two or three times a week.

Produce some background noise, for example, by tuning in one or more radios, preferably short wave ones, to the static noise inter-stations, popularly called ‘white noise’. That static noise should not be too loud or too low. It is important that there will not be voices of radio emissions; otherwise, they would make you very confused when listening to the recorded material, later on. However, you can also provide any other source of noise, which should flow regularly and steadily. Even the buzz of not too intense traffic noise would do.

Put a blank tape in the tape recorder – any tape recorder will do – or turn a digital recorder or computer on. You may use a built-in microphone or a detachable microphone. Start the recording; invoke, if you wish, somebody dear to your heart that is no longer with us, and put a question to communicators from an invisible dimension. Wait one to two minutes and make another question; the recording should be kept running throughout the recording session. Make five or six questions at each session. More questions would mean a tremendous amount of time to listen to the recorded material properly.

Perhaps you live in a noisy area but that should not deter you from trying the contact. Sometimes, our friends of the next world use traffic noise, or any other occasional noise, to modulate their words. It seems that an occasional sharp noise is also convenient for them; at least this has been my experience.

Rewind the recording when you have enough time to listen to it undisturbed and attentively. You should listen very carefully, dedicating a lot of attention and concentration to the listening. The first EVP replies to your questions, or comments, are usually short, faint and sometimes whispered. But, above all, your ear is not trained to listen to recorded material which may contain some extra faint sounds or words. It seems that the process of communication between our dimension and the next one is double sided that is to say, we need to learn and our friends also have to. The process is of true partnership, and resonance or affinity, emotional empathy, as I prefer to call it, plays an important role in it.

Do not give up. Keep trying. Maybe one day when you do not expect it any more, the voice of someone you love or have known, or just a voice that should not be there will answer your question. It will be the beginning of the wonderful discovery that LIFE is never ending and our passage through the Earth is just the beginning of the road.