The audio files below are a sample of Friedrich Jürgenson’s archive which are highlighted in the book, Friedel’s Conversations with the Dead: The Fascinating Story of Friedrich Jürgenson, Pioneer of EVP.

I selected these with English language readers in mind because they are some of the easier and more significant voices.

You can listen to the beautiful feminine voice that Friedel called Lena, his “assistant on the other side”, as well as to those that Professor Hans Bender had analysed at the Max Planck Institute and University of Freiburg.

In file number 15 Felix Kersten’s widow recognises her husband’s voice, particularly his Baltic accent as did Dr Kersten’s young son, who became very emotional when he heard it for the first time at Friedel’s house. This recording is particularly puzzling. When the tape is reversed as commanded in the recording, it conveys a different, although related message. In my opinion, this was a highly complex strategy from the deceased communicator to emphasize and call Friedel’s attention to the paranormality of his recordings (listen to number 17). The situation cannot be replicated by the human brain.

Since then, it has happened to other ITC operators and in my own experiments but this was the first time it occurred, and it bewildered the Swedish television technicians and the scientists at the Max Planck Institute who listened to it.

The list includes also anomalous voices recorded by Anders Leopold (number 34) and the famous Swedish photographer Claude Thorlin (number 18).

Title: Friedel’s Conversations with the Dead: The Fascinating Story of Friedrich Jürgenson, Pioneer of EVP

Authors: Anabela Cardoso and Anders Leopold

ISBN: Paperback: 978-1-78677-230-5

ISBN: eBook: 978-1-78677-231-2

Publisher: White Crow Books

Release date: Spring 2023

Inspelning 1. Take 1. Bambina

Inspelning 4. Take 4. Lena sings

Inspelning 6. Take 6. Poskola

Inspelning 7. Take 7. Tanner Tanner

Inspelning 9.. Take 9. Grekola

Inspelning 10. Take 10. So kalt ist in dir

Inspelning 15. Take 15. Kerstens widow confirms her husbands voice

Inspelning 17. Take 17. Problem_message on reversed tape

Inspelning 18. Take 18. (1) Claude Thorlin EVP voice

Inspelning 19. Take 19. Song about Friedel

Inspelning 20. Take 20. Waren die Tote

Inspelning 27. Take 27. Ja die Tote

Inspelning 34. Take 34. Hola Anders EVP

Other Jürgenson’s voices: