Friedel’s Conversations with the Dead - The Fascinating story of Friedrich Jürgenson, Pioneer of EVP

In this video, Anabela Cardoso reports on the release of her new book, co-authored with the late Swedish journalist Anders Leopold.
She mentions the existence of earlier recordings of electronic ...
voices, which, however, were limited in scope.
But the great pioneer of EVP was undoubtedly the famous Swedish painter Friedrich Jürgenson who spread the new form of electronic communication throughout the world. And he never knew that the voices of the dead had been recorded before him.
His commitment, his intelligence and his recognition of the importance of the phenomenon opened the door to the perception of unknown aspects of reality, in an objective way.
Friedel’s Conversations with the Dead is of great importance to ITC operators and other readers because Friedrich Jürgenson was a great figure of the 20th century and it contains highly interesting details never before revealed.
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