Recapping some important factors in the EVP/ITC experimentation

In this short video Anabela Cardoso reviews the main points which seem to be important in EVP and/or ITC experiments and to contributeto achieving positive results.
To start with, the ...
motivation. She quoted the famous ‘Technician’, the High Being that informed in Luxembourg, “A pure mind and a pure heart are important conditions to establish contact with the next world”.
She also advised EVP and ITC experimenters to be transparent and candid in their endeavour, andstressed that a truthful attitude and, naturally, love, are certainly beneficial, very particularly when one deals with unknown forces. We should not forget that “like attracts like” as the communicators proper have stated on several occasions.
In her opinion, grief is a strong motivation to attempt the contact with the next dimension of life as is the desire to acquire knowledge beyond our limited human condition. And curiosity, albeit in a sane not a morbid way, can also be a good reason to embark on the ITC adventure.
Next, Anabela insisted that the quality of the technical equipment, although not a fundamental requisite, should also be considered. If financially possible, a sensitive microphone is a good option, while for recording any device is adequate, either digital or analogue. The choice of the background noise is basically optional – any radio noise is adequatepreferably, in her opinion, the short wave but the medium wave is also suitable as demonstrated by Jürgenson who used it around 1484 KHz, a frequency known as the ‘Jürgenson wave’. Traffic noise and the noise of water are other options among many, provided that there are no human voices in the air.
Lastly, Anabela averred that the fifty-five published issues of the ITC Journal ( are an excellent source of information for anyone interested in ITC and all the vicissitudes that the discipline has suffered from its beginning until today. She mentioned also her 2021 book Glimpses of Another World, Impressions and Reflections of an EVP Operator. The Appendix comprisesa fully detailed, correct and serious EVP Handbook that readers will find extremely useful.

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