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ITC Journal Investigation of Instrumental Transcommunication Phenomena.

Journal nº20 – Dec/2004

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    Editorial A.Cardoso
    Un viaje memorable a Italia
    A memorable trip to Italy
    Uma viagem memorável a Italia

    The reality of Instrumental Transcommunication voices scientifically demonstrated on 5th December 2004 during experiments with Marcello Bacci at Grosseto, Italy, Europe Anabela Cardoso, Mario Salvatore Festa, David Fontana and Paolo Presi

    La realidad de las voces de Transcomunicación Instrumental (TCI) demostrada científicamente el 5 de diciembre de 2004 durante un experimento con Marcello Bacci en Grosseto, Italia, Europa Anabela Cardoso, Mario Salvatore Festa, David Fontana y Paolo Presi

    A realidade das voces de Transcomunicação Instrumental demonstrada científicamente durante uma experiencia com Marcello Bacci em Grosseto, Itália, Europa Anabela Cardoso, Mario Salvatore Festa, David Fontana e Paolo Presi

    Lack of theories, absence of phenomena? (A scientist’s chimera)
    Enrico Marabini

    In memoriam of Elizabeth Kübler Ross

    ITC as a mode of After-Death communication
    Sylvia Hart Wright

    My experiments in photograpic ITC images in mirrors & reflective surfaces
    Mike Sullivan

    A finnish ITC case Martti Walden

    Correio dos Leitores – Correo de los Lectores – Reader’s Mail 59

    El vuelo de la Mariposa José Luis de la Rica Iniesta


    Dep. Legal: VG-435-2003
    ISSN: 1696-4586 ITC (Vigo)

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