Journal nº15 – Sep/2003


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Investigação Moderna sobre a Sobrevivência à Morte Física, com Especial Destaque para a Transcomunicação Instrumental
Investigación Moderna sobre la Supervivencia a la Muerte Física con Especial Mención a la Transcomunicación Instrumental
First International Conference on current research into Survival of Physical Death, with special reference to Instrumental Transcommunication
Anabela Cardoso

A Privilege and an Oportunity – Un Privilegio y una oportunidad
Professor David Fontana

Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of Experimental Research Project into Out-of-Body Experience
Nanci Trivellato & Wagner Alegretti

Interview avec le Père François Brune, Anabela Cardoso et Professor David Fontana

How to Communicate with the Voices
Sarah Estep

An unexpected Contactin Luxembourg
Irma Weisen

La Transcomunicación Instrumental (Resumen)
Paolo Presi

CV and Abstracts
Dr. Anabela Cardoso
Professor David Fontana
Dr. Ernst Senkowski
Sinesio Darnell
François Brune
Montague Keen
Paolo Presi
Dr. Enrico Marabini


Dep. Legal: VG-435-2003
ISSN: 1696-4586 ITC (Vigo)

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