Journal nº22 – Jun/2005


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The 2006 Survival of Physical Death/ITC Conference
Congreso de 2006 sobre la Supervivencia a la Muerte Física/TCI
O Congresso de 2006 sobre a Sobrevivência à Morte Física/TCI
Dr. Anabela Cardoso

Mediunismo e Animismo
Hernâni Guimarães Andrade

Paranormal Photography. The Dynamics of Extravisual Emergences in Paranormal Photography
Michele Dinicastro & Daniele Gullà

From the Laboratories of ISIRICA. Comments on some observations about the information space of the planet
Dr. Alexander V. Trofimov

Did Pope John Paul II have a ‘Vision on his Death Bed’?
Felice Masi

Hypotheses for an Explanation
On the article ‘A Fundamental Experience in ITC’
Gerard Ferrandi

ITC Journal Index. A note of thanks from the Editor to Dr. Bruce Tracy
Dr. Anabela Cardoso

El Otro Lado
The Other Side
Raúl Valín

ITC News

Correo de los Lectores – Reader’s Mail – Correio dos Leitores

La TCI au Service des Âmes en Souffrance Jacques Blanc-Garin


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