Journal nº39 – Dec2010


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2011: The Opening of the Road?
Anabela Cardoso

The Opening of the Road* (2000)
Anabela Cardoso

To the Readers of the ITC Journal
Ervin Laszlo

Worldshift 20 Declaration

Worldshift 20 Council

ITC News

In memoriam

Like a swift
Anabela Cardoso

Still spreading the Truth of Survival
Ann Harrison

Ernst Senkowski talks with
Anabela Cardoso

Interview with Mario Varvoglis, director of Institut Métapsychique International in Paris*
Anabela Cardoso and Carlos Fernández

Announcing the Electronic Voices CD

Another Look at …

Can the Belief in Survival of Physical Death be Scientific?
David Fontana

The Great Work: Healing the World by Collective Meditation (concluding part)
Roger Taylor

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