Journal nº38 – Aug/2010


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The ITC Journal: change and continuity

Anabela Cardoso

ITC News

In Memoriam

In memory of Enrico Marabini

Michele Dinicastro

In memory of Luciana Petruccell

The Infinitude Conference in Paris, June 5, 2010

Anabela Cardoso


Electronic Voices – A book by Anabela Cardoso

Psicofonías: El enigma de la Transcomunicación Instrumental – a book by José Ignacio Carmona

The Website

Two Authentic Stories about Animals*

Luciana Petruccelli

Contact with a Heaven-sent Cat

Jacques Blanc-Garin

A Profile of Edgar Müller

The Use of the Scientific Method in EVP Experiment

Edgar Müller

El Modelo Organizador Biológico*

Hernani Guimarães Andrade

Paranormality in Animals

Hernani Guimarães Andrade

The Helene Reeder Memorial Fund Announcement

Historical Perspective

‘Unlimited Horizons’ from the Metascience Foundation

‘Personal Testimony’ – ‘Testimonio’ – ‘Depoimento’

Testimony from Graeme Meakin

Readers’ Letters – Correo de los Lectores – Correio dos Leitores

Suzuko Hashizume

Another Look at / Una retrospectiva de /Uma retrospectiva

The ITC Work of Marcello Bacci

Paolo Presi


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