ELECTRONIC VOICES – Contact with Another Dimension?

Author: Anabela Cardoso

Published in the United Kingdom, in 2010, by O Books

This is the story of a normal woman who experienced the impossible: objective contacts with another dimension through loud and clear voices received by electronic means during Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC) experiments.

Dr Cardoso, a senior diplomat, describes the astounding experiences that transformed her life since she started ITC research in 1997. She presents extracts of conversations with her deceased loved ones and other personalities who insisted that they live in another world.

The level of agreement between communications received by the author and concepts, even words, recorded by other experimenters from Jürgenson and Raudive to contemporary operators, constitutes compelling evidence of the reality of the next world that awaits us all. As communicators from Timestream told Dr Cardoso: The dead pass through here, you pass through here!.

Electronic Voices breaks new ground in the literature providing details of audio contacts, recorded under controlled conditions, with beings in an evolved dimension, which they describe as another space, beyond time. This evolved dimension of life corresponds to an evolved state of consciousness in the cosmic evolutionary sequence.

Anabela Cardoso licentiate in Germanic Philology, Faculty of Letters, Lisbon University, Portugal and Doctor of Public Service (Honoris Causa by Roger Williams University, Bristol, R. I., USA. A Portuguese career diplomat since 1976, Dr. Cardoso was the first woman to hold a diplomatic post outside her country. A former member of the SPR, Dr. Cardoso’s long-standing interest in questions related to consciousness research led her to start experimenting with ITC (Instrumental Transcommunication). In 2000 Dr. Cardoso founded the ITC Journal which has an Editorial Board of internationally recognised scientists and researchers of the paranormal. Dr. Cardoso is a regular contributor to the Journal and to other international psychical research publications and has given presentations on ITC and her work internationally. In the year 2005 Dr. Cardoso founded the ITC Journal Research Centre, in Spain where she currently lives. In 2007 she was awarded research grants by two international institutions. Samples of Dr. Cardoso’s ITC results are published in this website.