Journal nº53-Dec/2016


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ITC, survival, and the real world 5
Anabela Cardoso
Tribute to Monique Simonet 10
 Jacques Blanc-Garin
Monique Simonet: A French Pioneer in ITC 12
Anabela Cardoso
Tender Consolations 14
Monique Simonet
“We are here” 16
Monique Simonet
ITC News
New ITC Research from EVPlondon  presented at The Society for

Psychical Research Conference 2016.

Sean Richards
Life after Death: Keith Parsons reaches the masses! 29
Michael Tymn
Summary of a new book: “The unseen world is really useful” 35
Siyoh Tomiyama
New book about Friedrich Jürgenson now also available in English 47
Anders Leopold
Why EVP may be best suited for delivering objective evidence for

communication with entities in another dimension.

Edgar Müller
Readers’ Letters 60
An Interview with Dr Matthew McKay 64
Michael Tymn
The Greetings Project.   Anomalous Voices Re-visited: A summary

of findings from a 14-month investigation into Electronic Voice

Phenomenon. (part 1)


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