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On the unreliability of human detection of the anomalous
electronic voices
Anabela Cardoso

On the possibilities of deception in the assessment of results from
listening tests with tape-recorded speech samples
Jochem Sotscheck

From: Uwe Hartmann
From: Anabela Cardoso

About electromagnetic field measurements during EVP/DRV
Uwe Hartmann

ITC News
Paolo Presi’s new Book: Esplorando l’Invisibile
Translation of Review of Paolo Presi’s book

Personal Testimony
Les cravates (The ties) Marie-Hélène Bienaimé

The Tap-dancing ITC: Testimony and Correspondence
Alan Jarratt

An Investigation into the Tap-dancing Phenomenon
Uwe Hartmann

My Dog Mylo Alan Jarratt 56

ITC Historical Perspective
Tribute to Father-scientist Roberto Landell de Moura:
Telecommunications Pioneer
Ivan Dorneles Rodrigues

The Ethereal Transmission of Thought: A New Field of
Experimentation ( from Light 1915)
David Wilson

Readers’ Letters 83

Stimulated Psychophony (continued)
Carlo M. Trajna

Comments received on the publication of the Report

A two-year investigation of the allegedly anomalous electronic
voices or EVP
Anabela Cardoso

An interview with Anabela Cardoso: Anomalous electronic voices
received via Instrumental Transcommunication
Sylvia Hart Wright

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