Journal nº43 – Apr/2012


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Editorial: Syntagma Square: death and rebirth?
Anabela Cardoso

Some thoughts on Jochem Sotschek’s report:
On the possibilities of the identification of phonemes
Anabela Cardoso

ITC Historical Perspective
On the possibilities of the identification of phonemes
Jochem Sotschek

Stimulated Psychophony
Carlo M. Trajna
Profile of Carlo M. Trajna

ITC News
For information: A website for H. G. Andrade
Helene Reeder Fund: Announcement for grant 2012

The structure of spoken words and EVP
Edgar Müller

Another Look at …
Scientific Research on Life after Death:
Functional Aspects and Methods of ITC
Felice Masí

Readers’ Letters

Notice re: Electronic Voices Book and CD

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