Journal nº51-Dec/2015


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Ernst Senkowski: Tribute to a Great of ITC research and divulgation 5
Anabela Cardoso
Remembering Ernst Senkowski 7
Paolo Pressi

Cerchio di Firenze 77 Editorial Note



Cerchio di Firenze 77 (Part 2) Years 1948 – 1952 13
Enrico Ruggini
Remembering Raymond Lodge  – 100 Years Later 21
Michael Tymn
A Word of Appreciation for White Crow Books 26
Ann Harrison

ITC News



Letter from Keith Parsons re his film This Life, Next Life 28
‘Harrison Connections’ – A review of Ann Harrison’s book 29
Anabela Cardoso
Harrison Connections: Tom Harrison’s ‘Desire to communicate’ 31
Anne Skjønsberg
Preface to Thirty Years Among the Dead (by Carl Wickland) 33
François Brune

Personal Testimony

Tom Harrison and intimations of ITC 40
Ann Harrison
Konstantin Raudive: A short biography 44
Hildegard Schaefer
Breakthrough –(extract of Konstatin Raudive’s book, continued) 46

ITC – Historical Perspective

Spiricom Manual Ch 6(cont.), Chs 7 & 8 67
Instructions for Authors 92













































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