Journal nº47-Dec/2013


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An encounter with François Brune in Paris               5
Anabela Cardoso

Father François Brune – A Brief Biography             10

Considerations about the Conference on Life-Energy, Syntropy and
Resonance at Viterbo, Italy Aug 1-7 2013.              11
Roger Taylor

Parallel realities – a supplement                              17
Uwe Hartmann

‘Personal Testimony’
Human, very human (even if four-legged)                25
Massimo Valentini
Transtext: Computer Assisted Speech Recognition   28
David Madrazo

ITC News
The BBC Saga                                                               36

A Review
Telephone calls from the Dead : A revised look at the
phenomenon thirty years on                                        48

Readers’ Letters 51

A Historical Perspective
Difficulties in Spirit Communication Explained by Dr James Hyslop  63
Michael E. Tymn

Michael Tymn – Profile                                                   85
A Letter to subscribers                                                   86
Subscription Form                                                          88
Subscribing to Electronic copies                                 89
ITC Research Centre Publications                              90
Instructions to authors                                                   92


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