Journal nº42 – Dec/2011


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At the Dawn of 2012
Anabela Cardoso

Edgar Müller
Anabela Cardoso

Manifestations of Patients in Coma: Possibilities through Instrumental
Transcommunication (ITC)?
Vivian Eisenhauer P. de Albuquerque, MD

Hearing voices in mental disease and in EVP – the same or different?
Nils O. Jacobson

The David Fontana Study Day
Anabela Cardoso

The Forbidden Emission Part 2

Personal Testimony
Our Companions the Animals* 44
Jose Ignacio Carmona Sanchez

Animal Stories
Sylvia Hart Wright

Another Look at:-
Evidence of Survival From Physical Phenomena *
David Fontana

ITC and Science *
Nils O. Jacobson

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