Journal nº40 – April2011


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A Year of Change
Anabela Cardoso

Readers’ Forum
Graeme Meakin

Experiences of Spontaneous Psychokinesis After Bereavement
Sylvia Hart Wright

Psychometry – One more way to other dimensions: The Theory and an Experiment
Edgar Müller

Interview with Carina Landin
Edgar Müller

Personal Testimony
My personal experience with ITC
Marta Ruescas

Readers’ Letters
The Helene Reeder Memorial Fund Announcement
Historical Perspective
Autobiography of Carole Ramis*
Notes for a Presentation by Carole Ramis*
Carole Ramis

On the Analysis of Exceptional Voice Phenomena on Tapes.
Pilot studies on the “recordings” of Friedrich Jürgenson*
Hans Bender

Another Look at…
The ITC work of Marcello Bacci
Paolo Presi

“Electronic Voices: Contact with Another Dimension?”
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