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It is a real pleasure and an honour to publish in our website one of Professor Ernst Senkowski’s last written documents on the fascinating issue of EVP/ITC. As our readers well know, Professor Senkowski, together with Dr. Eng. Carlo Trajna, was the scientist who most thoroughly researched our field of interest and study, ITC.  A […]

Some Thoughts on the First Issue

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“Some Thoughts on the First Issue” David Fontana I am delighted to learn that Anabela Cardoso is undertaking the difficult and demanding task of establishing an ITC journal, independent of any publications or groups already operating in the field. ITC (or EVP – Electronic Voice Phenomena – as it was called before results were obtained […]

On the Odic force

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On the Odic force   By Adérito J.E. Machado An initial note                 Before reading this thought, I would like to inform the reader that this is what it is: just a thought. I would like for this text to just be food for thought, a mere source of information for the creation of possible […]