Journal nº46-June/2013


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On Signs, Symbols and Meaningful Coincidences 5
Anabela Cardoso

In Memoriam – Bruce Tracy PhD. 11

Helene Reeder Grant Announcement 14

Personal Testimony 15
A moving and different ITC story 15
Anabela Cardoso

Farandole and the Paranormal 20
Marie-Hélène Bienaimé

Parallel realities? 22
Dr Ernst Senkowski

ITC News 38
A BBC sad story 38
Anabela Cardoso

The effect of mediumship on EVP reception. 71
Edgar Müller

Readers’ Letters 81

A Historical Perspective

James H. Hyslop – Educator, Psychologist (1854 – 1920) 84
Michael Tymn

Subscription Form 90
Subscribing to Electronic copies of the ITC Journal 91
Instructions to Authors 92


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