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A Two-Year Investigation of the AllegedlyAnomalous Electronic Voices or EVP Anabela CardosoABSTRACTA relatively novel acoustic phenomenon has inundated the Internet and specialized literature. Several Associations, some ofthem with an important number of members, have formed around it in many countries. In the Anglo-Saxon world thephenomenon is called EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) and is usually assumed […]

“Transradio – Primera parte”

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“Transradio – Primera parte” Sinesio Darnell Antes de proceder a analizar los diferentes métodos, que actualmente se vienen empleando en la grabación de fonemas paranormales, quiero transcribir algunos de mis últimos pequeños diálogos, que tengo registrados en mi diario de experimentación. Más adelante expondré los métodos, así como sus ventajas e inconvenientes, Nº 1: A […]

Brief Extract of Articles

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Brief Extract of Articles Marcello Bacci, currently deceased, had consistently received Direct Radio Voices of entities who declared to be deceased and identified themselves with names recognised by the many hundreds, or maybe thousands, of participants who witnessed such sessions. Moreover, some of the entities that spoke at Grosseto, where his centre was located, judging […]

Staff of ITC Journal

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Staff of ITC Journal Director/Editor: Dr. Anabela Cardoso Editorial Team: Deputy Director: Edgar Müller / Associate Editor: Prof. Uwe Hartmann / Technical Editor/Designer: Carlos Fernández / Production Editor: Ann Harrison, B. Educ. Editorial Board: Jacques Blanc-Garin (France) / Father Dr. François Brune (France) / Michelle Dinicastro (Italy) / Dr. Paola Giovetti (Italy) / Daniele Gullà […]


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The ITC Journal The Journal was founded in the year 2000. With an International Editorial Board, the ITC Journal publishes articles by leading researchers and specialists in ITC, among them Adrian Klein (Israel), Anabela Cardoso (Portugal), Carlos Fernández (Spain), Carlos Luz (Brazil), Edgar Müller (Sweden), Daniele Gullà (Italy), Jacques Blanc-Garin (France), Michele Dinicastro (Italy), Nils […]

Brief history

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Brief history of the ITC Journal In the year 1999, Anabela Cardoso, involved in Instrumental Transcommunication research since the end of 1997, decided that it was time for her to contribute more decisively to the tremendous endeavour made by her invisible communicators to contact our world by electronic means. She had been recording DRV messages […]